Hey, I’m Louis

I believe that design is one of the most powerful things in the world. It plays a part in everything we do and see everyday.

I predominantly work in the area where technology meets design, however, I believe that it just isn't always limited to just the 'online' experiences we have.

I've not come from a traditional background e.g. have a degree in HCI or Graphic Design. Rather than see this as a shortcoming, I actually believe it gives me an edge in improvisation and strategic thinking.

Rather than bore you to death with text, here is a visual representation of my background and the skills, traits and best practices I picked up along the way that I feel give me the edge I mentioned:

This year I took a leap of faith and left a stable job, flat and friends in my hometown London. I am working remotely in Asia.

By working remotely I don't mean sitting on a beach in Bali all day everyday. I take my work seriously and dedicate 200% to everything I do.

Being out of my comfort zone actually helps inspire my designs and see things from a different perspective.