XYZ Financial are a regulatory technology scale up that provide tax automation and validation solutions for financial institutions.

UX/UI Design



I was brought onboard to redesign XYZ Financial's enterprise SaaS validator, transforming a slow and manual process that was error-prone into a slick product that acted like an accountant and lawyer rolled into one.


It may come as a surprise but I am neither a tax expert nor a financial institution, so to immerse myself in as much knowledge as possible in this arena I interviewed 20 people. They ranged from internal XYZ employees to end users.

Overview & flow

XYZ Financial had an existing product, which meant I had a running start in defining what aspects could be improved, both systematically and in the user flow.

Usability testing

The key aspect to receiving results was to strike the right balance of including all information, yet making relevant aspects prominent. All without inferring anything that could impact the result e.g. highlighting something that may be novel/anecdotal.

Visual identity

In tandem to developing the functionality of the validator, I created a new visual identity to sew the seeds of a design system. This foundation worked to ensure the designs were robust enough to support future features and functionality, as well as meeting AA accessibility standards.

Modern UI

I'd struck the perfect balance of function and form for the new validator that had a dramatic impact on the business and foundations that set the company up for future success. Here are some of the areas where my work had the biggest impact:



Assuring users at every step


This project achieved on every level:

Functionally - users reported a significant decrease in time spent validating tax forms

Financially – it helped secure a partnership with a multi-national tech giant

Culturally - XYZ Financial’s staff recognised the benefits of the new software and design system, and proposed other creative approaches and practical solutions

XYZ Financial is a bright and ambitious Fintech startup that’s attracting a lot of attention. My aim was to deliver flexible, adaptive product and system designs to help them secure their position as leaders in the congested marketplace.