X-Lab Systems are a health-tech company that specialise in connecting diagnostic systems across the globe.

UX/UI Design


The task from X-Lab was to design an MVP web app that allowed health care workers to request lab tests and review the results. The problem these users were currently experiencing was that (in the UK) existing solutions were limited to hospitals and general practices (GPs). Which meant settings in occupational health e.g. sports teams, prisons etc. were limited to paper-based requests and results, creating inefficient and unsafe processes.

First phase

To start with I focused on the 'request only' portion of a healthcare workers journey. After the MVP there was a plan to remove the additional highlighted steps and bring in self-service/automation.

Ordering a test

By default, the Order Comms platform would boot up with ordering a test flow. My first task was working out what we needed to include in the first step.


Following internal and external reviews, this flow changed in a variety of different ways ranging from small changes such as removing asterisks from inputs (as most of the were mandatory) to introducing new fields and steps to improve the flow.

Test results

The key aspect to receiving results was to strike the right balance of including all information, yet making relevant aspects prominent. All without inferring anything that could impact the result e.g. highlighting something that may be novel/anecdotal.


Ordering a test and getting results back could be accessed in isolation, but in order to sell this platform as a complete solution, there needed to be a home page to underpin everything.

Naming & brand refresh

Part way through my tenure with X-Lab, there was a request for a brand update to help bring the suite of products (of which there were two others) under one cohesive look and feel.

Blue sky exploration

Another aspect of my task was to help push the envelope of what could be achieved a lot further down the line conceptually with LabReach.



☑ Reduce remaining paper-based processes

☑ Bring on new business without the burden

☑ Fit for private hospitals, prisons, mental health

☑ Built securely, ready to scale

☑ Cloud-based, web-accessible, modern technologies