Prevayl defines itself as a state-of-the-art athletic performance brand aiming to equip consumers with their personal health metrics by combining a “luxurious, unobtrusive design with a flawless user interaction” using wearable health tech.

UX/UI Design


wearable tech

The brief from Prevayl was to stand out from the competition. There are
a lot of fitness trackers out there; fortunately, Prevayl has an ace up their sleeve. Their technology contains 'medical-grade' sensors, meaning it is 4x more accurate than anything else on the market. My task was to bring that rich data to life in the app.

Exploring the past & present

One of the benefits of coming into an ongoing project, is that there has been a lot of thinking that has gone into aspects and features. Combined with looking at the competitors, I was quickly able to identify areas to focus on.

Analysing activity data

What have I been up to? How am I doing? Am I improving or not?
These are all questions that needed to be answered when a user delved into the data. I created an experience of exploration that was rich and meaningful, while consciously not overwhelming the user.

Tailored advice & BodyCheck™

Collecting data and displaying it is great, but what you do with it is key. Through tailored advice and inviting users to do a 'BodyCheck™' the aim was to step beyond vanity metrics and give the user utility and purpose.


Awesome results for Prevayl.